IRA’s Angels

Socially alive group of volunteers, termed as IRA’s Angels to act as responders in the event of call for assistance. Brought together through our ‘Geo Contextual’ search after the User seeks assistance.

Territorial Geographic Centre

Territory marked for providing IRA HerDUM support by way of creating a virtual circle. The centre of this virtual circle is the ‘Territorial Geographic Centre’. All messages from User seeking assistance are directed to only IRA’s Angels inside the Territorial Geographic Centre

Angel’s Area

The digital circle (with 0.5 KM preprogrammed radius) for locating ‘IRA’s Angels’ have been termed as ‘Angel’s Area’.

Good Samaritans

We also plan to create a social movement to induct good Samaritans. IRA’s Angels. A volunteer force of people all over, who are willing to help – if within range to give help.


Powerful Elegant App To Secure You through your smartphone

With the IRA HerDum Solution, we are trying to solve real-world personal security problem. With this system, designated administration can mark a secure circle within which, all citizens would be made secure for immediate assistance/help when needed. We have termed it as “Territorial Geographic Centre”.

In our system, should the user raise an alarm. the physically nearby ‘IRA’s Angels’ and ‘Security Person’ would be informed immediately via SMS together with GPS location and unique / distinguishable alarm. It would also inform the Police response centre and / or the nearest Police outpost and / or the local beat policement.

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Help is Closeby

The best metaphor for describing this concept of creating ‘Ira’s Angels’ is the idea of being inside the “Mohalla” or people who are “Aas Paas” (in the Indian context). Friends helping each other.

  • Works Universally

    Works universally across geographical areas on smartphone. You need only IRA’s HerDUM to provide cover in any area without working contrary to local laws.

  • Instant Deployment

    Deployed within hours for complete new territories. To be augmented with Geo Contextually selected IoT devices enabling roll out while waiting for IRA’s Angels induction.

  • User choices

    Flexible – enables user choose emergency contacts; police links; private security organisations; guard rooms for private housing estates etc.

  • Ease of Use

    Ease of use. Works with SOS button and flashing the power button twice. (Shortly coming with discrete alarm triggers that are not physically connected to the smart phone).


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Drop us a message with your name, phone number and email id so we may get in touch with you to understand your safety needs.

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